Chris Smith son of a black-smith & Gar Wood son of a ferry-boat operator came together to make the village of Algonac the center of motor-boating and racing, Chris by being the first man to install a motor in a boat, Gar by reigning supreme in making boats go faster..

They created an industry employing thousands, and leisure activities enjoyed by millions. One, taciturn with a wry sense of humor; the other a challenging sense of derring-do.

Chris sired a large family, all of whom made major contributions to the company. Gar had just one son, Gar Jr. a champion boat racer in his own right. The fleet of record setting Miss Detroit, and Miss America race-boats often had Wood/Smith teams in the cockpit racing in America and overseas, ultimately capturing all the major trophies.

They worked together, competed against each other, always returning to the village where they now rest for eternity, after making Algonac the place

 ..where it all began.