World famous for the inventive genius and hard work displayed in their famous lifetimes, the people of the village of Algonac are creating a memorial to honor them, their families and fellow workers, and the many sports loving people the World over who are still enjoying the superior products they built.

We're creating a life size memorial for Christopher C. Smith and Garfield A. Wood, together beside the beautiful St. Clair River where pleasure boat building and racing began.

A secondary but no less important mission involves creation of a Memorial Hall of Fame to expand the existing Museum to document the history of these men and their industries, and to offer opportunities to view an ever increasing collection of films, historical documentation, and marine artifacts - including boats. Publications and other articles will be offered for sale.

We want to demonstrate our pride as a community in being the original home of an industry that reached around the world, provided thousands of good jobs, developed new technologies and gave birth to an exciting, competitive sport that continues to thrill millions.

Every time you step aboard your own classic boat your mind tends to drift back in time to the early days when quality construction, careful selection of materials and lasting designs said something about you, as well as the pleasure craft you were about to acquire.

We hope you are also inspired by the vision of the Chris n' Gar memorial, and will help us build this lasting reminder to the sport, the industry, the village on the shore of the St. Clair River where it all began, and to the founders Christopher C. Smith and Garfield A. Wood.

The work has already begun and you are cordiall invited to join us for the unveiling in July,  2010 - 100 years after the two men joined together in their first collaborative venture at the National Motor Boat Show in New York City.

Thank you very much.

Pete Beauregard
Herb Pocklington